06 December 2010

day 5- a picture of somewhere you've been to

Okay, so this post is slightly embarrassing for me. For one reason or another, I have not really traveled to very many places, which makes this post somewhat boring. I have a confession to make-I have never traveled east of Utah. Lame, right? Our family loves Disneyland so much that we always just go there for vacation, and I've always been so money-saving-crazy that I've never thought about splurging for a crazy trip. But for some reason, while here at BYU, my desire to travel and see the world has increased greatly. There are so many different cultures and ideas outside of my knowledge--and I want to experience them all! I would have many more pictures to post of somewhere(s) I want to go. Here are just a few places that are on my one-day-to-see list:

-Bali-Sydney Opera House-Hawaii (again)-New York City-Washington, D.C.-London-Wales-South Africa-Mexico (esp. the Tenochtitlan ruins)-Paris-Brazil (Owen of course wants to return to see his mission one day)-Athens-Thailand-Norway-the Maldives-and everywhere else!

We went to Moab. Cool trip, but not very exotic

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