14 December 2010

day 13- a letter to someone

To: Santa Claus
1 Reindeer Lane
North Pole

Dear Santa,

I know it has been a while since I've written to you, but this year just seems like a good year to send word your way. Maybe it is because now I am a poor married college student. Or maybe I am just looking forward to a little Christmas magic right now to lift my spirits in the midst of studying for microbiology.

I really think that I've been pretty good this year. Sure I don't always study for my tests as much as I should and instead I blog, but I've tried my best. And I know I shouldn't always make Owen do the dishes or complain about doing the super boring time detail at work, but I promise I will try harder next year.

For Christmas this year, I want

  • A new planner. You know how much I use my planner everyday and I would really like to have a cute one like this (in really any color except Twirly Birds Pink please):
  • New neighbors. Is that too much to ask? I really just want upstairs neighbors who don't stomp around everywhere like sumo wrestlers, don't smoke, don't have an annoying dog, who go to bed at some sort of reasonable hour, and who don't yell interesting things at all times of the day. That's all.
  • A front door that closes and that we can lock.
  • Black boots that I actually like, that will last a while and that won't cause me to slip and fall in the snow. Good luck with this one, because I still haven't found a good pair that won't break the bank.
  • This adorable and also very practical umbrella that was feature on Gossip Girl. And it's on sale right now! 

  • Some satsumas. Not mandarins or tangerines or clementines or "Cuties." Just satsumas please. 
  • A hot pad for the oven. I know they aren't expensive or exciting, but we just keep forgetting to buy one when we are at Target
  • Time next year to exercise. Please give me a manageable life schedule?
  • A lab coat so when I'm doing research, I stop getting holes in all of my shirts across the front. It really is quite embarrassing. 
  • A vacation to Disneyland and Blake Lively's hair. Okay, now we are dreaming...
I hope things up North are going well for you. Have you been having mild weather like we have? It's been great! But I do hope that there is snow for Christmas since my family is coming up here this year and I want them to experience some real Utah snow. 

Tell Rudolph and the elves hello and Merry Christmas for me!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes,

Also a ridiculous gift I found online: a Swarovski-crystal encrusted toilet. A perfect gift for someone if you have $75,000 laying around

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