13 December 2010

day 12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one

Well, I found out about blogger by searching "free blog sites." Not very exciting. However, I knew that I would love it because it is through Google, and we all know how I feel about Google everything. I actually created my first Blogger blog in high school and it had this really dumb polka-dot background and I think I posted on it once. It might have been for a class assignment? I'm pretty sure you could find it and make fun of it pretty easily online if you want. Unfortunately, I can't remember my password that I created for it (along with my myspace page which hasn't been updated since like 2006), so I guess it will remain on the internet forever.

I have a blog because I am terrible at keeping up with people. My freshman year, I was totally good about sending out monthly emails to friends and family, letting them know what I was up to. Then facebook got way easier, and then it got way distracting, so I didn't really have a way of informing people about my super-duper interesting life and how I feel about everything. So now I just refer them to my blog! I like it because not only do I get to practice my writing skills (something that rarely happens as a Physiology and Developmental Biology major), but I also get to be a little creative sometimes with blog layout and design--I even learned a little bit of html which Owen was proud of until he made fun of my amateur web design skills...I really should let him handle that part but it's fun to practice!

Basically I blog because I think my life is so interesting and I want everyone to know all about me. Plus I love reading people's comments :) So feel free to share one (hint hint) if you would like!

Update: 2 finals down, 2 to go! Really should be studying for biochemistry right now....I'm sick of the urea cycle!!


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