21 November 2010

Stayin Up all Night

So we went to the midnight premiere.

And it was awesome.
Malfoy and McGonagall--a forbidden love
I admit that it was super freezing while we were waiting in line, which was why I'm totally glad that my costume involved a heavy coat. I love going to midnight premieres and seeing all of the other crazy people who are willing to wait in lines for 4 hours (or more...) We saw some other pretty awesome costumes--a Golden Snitch, a Fat Lady, a pretty awesome Dobby, and a couple terrifying Bellatrix Lestranges. We played Harry Potter trivia while waiting in line and I love how nerdy everyone is about the books! 

Griffendor vs. Slytherin

Umbridge and McGonagall--ultimate frenemies
I was a little worried about this movie because there has been so much anticipation and in previous movies they kind of skimpy on details and other things that make Harry Potter so awesome. But this movie exceeded my expectations! It was fantastic! I loved how true to the book this movie stayed--finally! I think they should have broken up ALL of the books into two movies a piece so they could have included details like they did in this one! Some people may complain about how it was a little slow while the trio were in the forest, but hello--don't you remember how excruciatingly boring those 200 or so pages were in the book? I thought that the movie was very well-paced, totally true to the book, and altogether great. I want to go see it again right now. I'm so glad they brought Dobby back into the story--to me, that was one of the most poignant parts of the entire story. Some parts were a little intense/suspenseful for me, but then again, it was on the big screen, and it was like 1 in the morning. Basically I would totally recommend it and CANNOT WAIT UNTIL PART 2!!!!!!

Two of my favorite scenes from the movie--the multiple Potters was hilarious, and of course the Dobby rescue scene

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  1. yay! it's so fun to see your blog! i loved harry potter too. it was awesome!