22 November 2010

One Day More

AHH I cannot wait until tomorrow! Tomorrow I will be done with all of this craziness and be on my way to the lovely WASHINGTON! Oh I cannot wait for all the green :) Also I can't wait for today to be over! Here is my torture schedule for today:

8:15 a.m.: Go to testing center to take disease quiz. Find out the testing center is closed until 10 a.m. Dang it. (Okay that part wasn't planned)
8:45 a.m.: Be late to Microbiology. 
10 a.m.: Genetics. Manage to not fall asleep.
10:53 a.m.: Sprint to testing center to take disease quiz.
11:05 a.m.: Finish disease quiz and go to biochemistry late
12 p.m.: Go to work.
2:30 p.m.: Meet with music teacher to discuss my involvement with Balinese gamelan. Get accepted! Yay!

I will be part of this starting in January! Sweet costumes!

2:51 p.m.: Back at work. Stress about genetics exam (that's where I am right now)
5:00 p.m.: Go to Health Center because their pharmacy is only open until 6! And closed for Thanksgiving! Lame! Argue with health center people. 
5:30 p.m.: Give Owen keys during his 10 minute class break.
6:00 p.m.: Go to testing center to meet my doom in the form of a genetics exam. 
9:00 p.m.: Leave testing center hopefully still alive.
9:15 p.m.: Start packing for trip! 

I can't wait to go home to this:

And hopefully get away from some of this: 

I am not ready for the snow! 

Actually, I don't think that I will ever be ready for the snow. Oh well. At least this means that I can start hanging my paper snowflakes. 

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