01 October 2010

A New Way To Waste Time (Owen Style)

In the last blog, you found out how Chelsey likes to waste time. Well, she is not the only one in this relationship who likes to boondoggle. There is however, one main difference between in the way that Chelsey goldbricks compared to the way that I kill time. That is, Chelsey actually has time to lose. Because of this slight complication in my life, I have come up with a slightly more clever way to fritter away time. You see, in my mental excursions, I discovered this incredible technique called puttering productively. In short it is my way of wasting time while still being productive. It is quite the technique to master, but once you do, you will surely reap the benefits.
As you learn to putter productively, you will gain competitive advantage. You see, while you are mastering some new technique in your spare time, your colleagues are busy watching YouTube, "Stumbling Upon" interesting facts, or blogging. Right after you begin to putter away productively, you will find you have a desire to keep learning, and growing. Soon you will come to the point where you have an arsenal of techniques and skills that will put you way above your video game playing friends. I by no means am at this point, but one day I may be. Let me share with you a simple example from my life on how to putter productively.


Mana (what is it) you ask? Well, JSFiddle is this neat little tool in which you are able to insert javascript, css, and html and run it. Ok ok, you are probably thinking "Why in the world would I ever need something like that?" Well, frankly if you are not a web developer, you probably don't see the value in this, and if you are a web developer, then why cant you just put all of that in an html file and run it like normal? Well the answer to those questions may become apparent when I tell you that you can instantly choose from a laundry list of javascript frameworks including JQuery, Prototype, and MooTools. Not only that, but there is also a list of effects library such as scrptaculous. This sort of thing is very handy if you are a developer like myself. With this tool you are able to save your work in revisions if you make a mistake. You can also email the link to your fiddle so all of your friends can marvel at your ingenuity. Posting code examples on blogs and forums are now a thing of the past! Just create a simple fiddle and you are set! I have already solved some pretty interesting css and javascript problems with JS fiddle. Share these with your developer friends and they will marvel at your css prowess.

Absolute Positioned Perfectly Centered Content

Ok, so if you have ever wanted to center a lightbox on your website but didn't want to use javascript and you did not know the width of your lightbox, this is how you do it:

Perfect Two column website format

I solved the two column website problem. You can now have as large of content as you want in your main page with a navigation bar completely separate from the main div that scales with the page. The solution is actually quite simple, but surfing the net for the answer will yield no results. You just have to be clever with your css:

Well that is it. I'm positive that you don't find those things nearly as spiffy as I do, but the point is that you find some way to putter productively in your life. Believe me, there are many, many other ways to putter productively. As you do, you will find you are more happy and satisfied with your life!

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  1. hey babe, nice use of the thesaurus :) impressive vocab--are those some of your GRE words?