27 September 2010

A New Way to Waste Time

So, I'm always looking for good ways to pass the time at work (not that being a secretary is totally boring, but there are some down times...) and I had always heard about this, but never realized how AWESOME it is, and what an incredible time waster it can be! If any of you have ever tried StumbleUpon, then you know what I'm talking about!

They have a "like" button on StumbleUpon, and I found that I was pretty much liking every single page that came up! There is so much cool stuff online! Here are just a few things I found while stumbling around today...

It is awesome that this is legal! (Devynne, this one is for you!)

Somehow I am going to have to persuade myself to only do this at work, or else
I will surely waste my whole life away...but this website is seriously awesome!

(Now don't go wasting all your time here either...or at least don't blame me for it :) )

ALSO, we went to Winco today (oh beloved Winco) and of course we had to pick up our standard two containers of Tillamook ice cream, when to my joyful surprise,
This was the flavor I got when we went to visit the Tillamook factory and it was sooo delicious and now they are selling it at Winco for a limited time! I literally started jumping up and down with excitement. Now that I think about it, it was probably pretty embarrassing, but let me tell you, this ice cream is WORTH IT. We had it over some caramel dumplings I made...heaven.

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