17 June 2010

5 Flights in 6 Days

Oh man! I am exhausted! Finally done with all of the craziness and now here at home in Camas. This past week has been jam-packed every minute, but it was all worth it! Devynne's graduation was fantastic. It was wayyyy long, but Devynne's hilarious speech made up for it :)

"Okay, everyone do the Devynne glare!"

Aubrey's wedding was beautiful. We could not have asked for better weather--it was the first day that Seattle had reached above 75 degrees that whole year! I was so glad that we were able to be there for her special day to celebrate.

And then I flew back to Provo, PACKED A LOT (it turns out that I have lots of stuff...), tried to spend every spare second with Owen--he was so great, he even tried to help me study my notes on mass spectrometry and quadrupoles. Then I took my final Wednesday morning, went back to the apartment to do my final cleaning (I passed!), went with Owen to Tucanos (totally worth it when you're a member of the birthday club!), did a little shopping, realized what time it was, sped up to windy Lehi to drop off all of my boxes, and then made it to the airport just in time! It was a close call, but at least we got to spend as much time together as possible! And now I am home, trying to figure out how to get everything ready for this summer. Goals for this summer: be an awesome lead swim instructor, shadow a pharmacist, study for the PCAT, and get married! Wooo! Less than 2 months! I cannot wait! I hope Owen will do alright without me--I left him all of my perishables, including produce, when I left, so at least he'll be able to eat alright for a week or so. Anyway, the first full day of the summertime is over. This summer will fly by before I know it!


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