19 March 2014


spring break, new orleans, 2014

our neighborhood

big blessings poppin!

beads were EVERYWHERE on people houses, fences, trees, throughout the whole city

super awesome first photo of the trip ;) croissant was good though!!

our first po' boy. Owen got shrimp and catfish, I just got roast beef :)

our "hotel"

we went on a swamp tour the next morning, it was where "beasts of the southern wild" was filmed! definitely a whole different world

i spy a heron?

spooky moonshine tree

wild pigz!

these turtles were so cute, they would climb up the logs and then just slide and plop! back into the water. so adorable.

hey der, gader

freaking out, both my hair and my mind

slap ya mama is the BESSSSST. came home with three of these. 

muffaletta face. SO good. 

of course we had to get beignets! the lines at cafe du monde were insannnnne

palm trees!

jackson square

the chapel had these awesome prayer benches that fold out and were comfy for your knees! 

pharmacy museum! it was so cute. more photos later. 

interesting way to sell chairs...

ogden southern museum of art

commander's palace for dinner. WOW. probably the best meal i have ever had. SO worth it. 

beautiful restaurant, beautiful service, beautiful night

next day, KILLER doughnuts! i slightly cry thinking of how i can't eat these anymore

DEFINITELY a spot to remember! 

museum of art in city park

going all miley on the statues at besthoff sculpture museum



um, huge

they realllllly want you stop at this corner

dooky chase, where both prez obama and gw bush have frequented

omg best fried chicken of ALL TIME. not joking. it was so amazing!!!!!!!!

indian costumes from mardi gras past

all of the beadwork is hand-sewn, and they make new costumes every year! it is so insane! 

then we saw some people wearing them on the streets! the costumes must be SOOO heavy! 

slap ya mama headquarters! so cool!

such an amazing (and hipster) restaurant!

owen's so hipster, he knew all of the music the place played

my hipster face, getting ready for da food

owen finally acknowledging his orange soda addiction 

wafting in the rabbit & dumplings aromas

unimpressed face, though in reality, i was really impressed by the food. it was soooo good! 

literally the best mac & cheese I've EVER had. WOWWWW.

smoked bbq ribs with picked watermelon relish. omg. yumz. 

evidence we went on bourbon street. yeah, never need to go there again haha. 

home of more than 50 years of the preservation and perpetuation of traditional New Orleans jazz.

45 minutes of pure magic. 

interesting decor at our hotel's breakfast area

behind the scenes at cafe du monde. busy!!

yeah we went there twice. don't be mad.

back at the pharmacy museum -- wanna get a shot from THAT needle? yikes! 

yeah, we don't dispense that anymore

instantaneous cure!

behind the pharmacist's work station

wonderful courtyard at the pharmacy museum. perfect party spot? 

a bespectacled man admiring historical spectacles

the st. patricks day parade that took over the garden district

kilts galore

stellar sandwich, that was actually open during the parade! rejoice! 

yep, i finally got some beads. 

sucré, my love. open one in provo please??!

white chocolate raspberry wonderful

oh, and they had macarons. obvs not pictured because they were too delicious

though i was mostly creeped, we had to go to the very unique cemeteries of New Orleans 

reminded me of the Fenner Brothers from the princess and the frog movie! 

incredible historic homes in garden district

napoleon house restaurant, where they prepared a home for napoleon after he was exiled. sadly he died before ever coming here, but it's still a cool history spot! 

more jazzzzz

national wwii museum

huge cool planes, but a very, very sad place 

our final meal in new orleans, butcher. wow. the food here did NOT disappoint!!


  1. super cute place >.<

  2. Your photographs look amazing! you're a great photographer and this trip looks like so much fun!

    1. Thanks Sarah :) It definitely was an adventure -- if you ever want to go, I can tell you what scary areas to avoid haha!

  3. Great pictures! What camera do you use?


    AJ | www.TheAJMinute.com