02 October 2013


In the middle of August, Devynne and I took a little girls trip to the Bay Area! It was so fun to have this little trip before Devynne left on her mission, and I was excited to visit a place I've never been before!

These pictures are totally out of order, but Blogger is super annoying to rearrange photos in, so you're just going to have to deal. Here are some selfies of me at the Oakland temple!

The main excuse for our trip was that Devynne's old roommate, Keri, was getting married, so we stayed in Oakland near the airport, and had a great time! I didn't go to the sealing, so I spent some time walking around and taking pictures of myself...

The Oakland temple and temple grounds are so pretty!

The groom and his mother, pinning of the boutonnnier...

Devynne and Keri, the bride!

Devynne with all of her roommates, they are so cute!

Devynne and the Bay Bridge

Me looking hipster on the pier...what better place to look hipster than San Francisco?

Chinatown...so fun!

We found this really weird random park that was above a parking garage, that was strangely empty! It was so freaky being in a silent, deserted square in a super busy city!

Just the colors and everything about this picture totally made me feel like a fashion blogger haha. I can tell why so many bloggers love this city!

Heading to Fisherman's Wharf -- I loved the chilly and amazing weather, I think Devynne got annoyed with how much I was commenting on it!

The fanciest Applebee's I have ever seen!

Even early in the morning, the smell of seafood and chowder on the pier was delicious!

I was so surprised at how close Alcatraz was! I totally could swim from the island to the mainland, it was so close!

Super cool random Greek structure in San Francisco -- the Palace of Fine Arts. There were people getting their wedding pictures taken here, which I thought would be super cool!

Checking out the redwoods at the Muir Woods National Park -- so tall and beautiful! (Don't worry...there are lots of pictures of these to come...)

After Muir Woods, we went to the city of Sausalito, which was super pretty and I've decided that I totally want to retire here.

Loved all the pretty sailboats and views of the bridge and water. Plus the weather was nicer over here than in San Francisco - it was so weird!

Apparently dahlias are the official flower of San Francisco, which was totally cool with me!

Devynne drinking out a toilet! We had a TON of fun at the Exploratorium -- it was great going on a Thursday night because it's adults-only, and you don't have to feel weird about pushing kids out of the way or anything.

A mix between me and Devynne!

A live sketching machine that sketches you while you move!

Can you get a square wheel to roll? It all depends on the road!

This was a fun little experiment where you could whisper to your friend across the room! 

We made stop motion videos! I think they are on Youtube somewhere, but I don't know where...

A giant bubble, you could put your hand in it!

As much as I love biology, I gotta admit, it was kind of the most boring area...

This experiment was the COOLEST! You bite on a straw that was covering a metal rod, and then plugged your ears, and then you could hear music in your brain! It was so carzy! 

Fun with super fast cameras!

And super slow cameras...

We had some delicious sandwiches as this awesome place, Ike's Place! I've never seen so many wonderful and delicious sounding sandwiches!

Avocado, honey mustard, chicken, and other yumminess! Also we got in trouble for sitting on the sidewalk...so we ate them a block down the street :) 

I loved the shopping in San Francisco! So many fun and quirky places! If only we didn't have to drive to get to them...

This was an interesting female artwork....


Farmers market on Embarcadero!

I love dahlias so much! I just wish we could have bought a million and brought them home!

I needed more macarons after France obviously, so we checked out Miette! The chocolate ones were pretty tasty. 

Church of Scientology! Never seen one before :) 

Getting pizza at Golden Boy, square and delicious. There were a lot of stickers from Utah and Washington on the wall! 

At City Lights Bookstore, the sister store of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris! 

We also checked out Chinatown, naturally. 

Super fun and tons of shops! 

Crazy hipster biscuits :)

Nick's Crispy Tacos -- only take cash. I couldn't believe how many places were cash-only! But at least the food was totally worth it and amazing. 

Uggggh..San Francisco traffic....

Sourdough waffles! 

I loved how they had composing in lots of stores, it was so eco-friendly

Wild old-school toothpick models in the Musee Mechanique.

Princess Diaries moment! 

Santa's workshop! 

Tested my strength!

Yeah...neither of us were very sexy...

Sea lions! I seriously could see how people watch these fun little guys all day! 

Forrest Gump moment!

These stairs played musical notes as you stepped on them. So fun!

We didn't actually ride the trolley, the driver was just so nice and let us take pictures on it! It was awesome!

Chocolate overload...it was insane. 

We decided to only order one sundae to share, but it was so intense...I wish we could have ordered a half!

Also got some salted caramel hot chocolate...oof! Intense!

Back of the Palace of the Fine Arts

Driving across the Golden Gate bridge! It was so pretty!

Okay I'm tired of captions. Here we are at the redwoods at Muir Woods. And you can just enjoy the rest of the pictures :) 

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