16 August 2013


Since we were up so late the night before, day 9 got off to a little bit of a rough start. We originally were planning to go to Giverny on this day, but we got up super late after many times hitting the snooze, and when we got to the ticket office for the train, there was a HUGE line (no surprise [also no A/C, another given]). So we changed course and decided that we would purchase tickets for the next day (luckily we had a "spare" day in our schedule!), and just go shopping and maybe take a nap. 

The ticket office was conveniently located next to Printemps and Galleries Lafayette, which are basically the two biggest shopping malls you can ever think of. And also the most expensive. SHEESH! 

Lovely Laduree merchandise. So cute! If I wasn't a pharmacy student who had to pay lots of tuition, I would totally have bought one of the little macaron key chains. 

All the Essie polish a girl could ever want! Except they were twice the price of what they sell at Target...

We stopped at a random park nearby to have lunch, and it turned out to be where they beheaded Marie Antoinette! Kinda gruesome, but also cool that we happened upon such a historically significant place by accident. This is why Paris is the bomb. 

Went into a beautiful home decor store where they had all of these lovely faux flowers. If I was planning a wedding in Paris (with an unlimited budget obviously), it would be amazing. 

Spices at Galleries Lafayette, probably the only thing I could afford...

Bird's eye view of the spectacle. It really is insane how many people are there and HOW MUCH MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING!!!!!!!!! I was kind of in an anti-shopping mood after going to these two places because everything was just way more than I wanted to spend. Luckily that mood didn't last too long...

While walking back, we stopped by Uniqlo, a Japanese/British clothing store that was actually within our price range!! It was amazing! I've actually heard about this store from bloggers in New York, and they said its actually pretty good quality, and we loved the fit of their clothes. Owen got an awesome oxford shirt for a great deal, and I got a dress that was on clearance! 

Then we went to Galignani, the first English bookshop established on the continent (1520!). It was actually quite a lovely bookshop and we enjoyed browsing some funny and unique titles. And it had air conditioning :) 

I just love all the building fa├žades in Paris. So lovely and romantic. I'm pretty opposed to apartment living, but maybe I could change my mind for something like this...

More crepes for dinner! Like I said, it was one of the cheapest things to eat, very filling, and very delicious. That night we just stopped a crepe place near our house -- it wasn't AS amazing as Josselin, but it was still pretty good. I'm telling you, that buckwheat flour is incredible! I tried looking for it at some grocery stores here, but so far no luck. 

You must be happy while eating crepes.

Especially crepes with ice cream on top.

So this Monday was a little slow, but we were pretty sleep-deprived, and we definitely made up for it in Giverny on the next day!! Soon to come...

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