06 March 2013


Blog world, it's been a while. Well, not if you read my food blog, but personally, I've been keeping it on the DL. Not for lack of interest, but mostly because pharmacy school is CRAAAZZZYYY!!!!! 

But I finally feel like I've got the hang of things (only one semester later! Yay!) and I've missed blogging (only a little bit), so I am going to try to post things a bit more regularly here. We'll see if that actually pans out, but I hope it will! 

Let's start with something fun - Owen's birthday! Owen is seriously THE best guesser on earth, and so I always try to surprise him for his birthday, he always guesses, and I always get mad at myself for giving away too many hints. NOT THIS YEAR. I decided to surprise him by planning a little snowshoeing trip, which I knew he would never guess because it's not like I'm the #1 fan of the outdoors (especially in Utah...in the snow...brrrr...). Well, I totally got him. He was especially confused when I said he needed to wear warm snow clothes and gloves, with tennis shoes! He was clueless. I have no idea how I am going to come up with something next year!

This was when we got lost, and realized that we could either go down the edge of this cliff, into the woods, or turn around and head back. We chose the last option.

As you can tell, our trip got more and more snowy, and it was seriously coming down on us by the end of it! Here we are wiping off our car of the six inches of snow that piled up during our two-hour hike! Crazy Utah!!!

Then we had some friends over since I really wanted to make Owen a birthday cake! It was really more for me than him - you can't make a full cake when you only have two people in the house! The cake had a couple of disasters, including spilling over the pan and making our house smell like charred chocolate (emphasis on the charred), and frosting that clumped up into chocolate bits, but in the end we were able to salvage it, and everyone said it was delicious! Hopefully they were telling the truth...Also, look how tall those birthday candles are! They rock.

I am so glad Owen's birthday is in February, since it gives me something to look forward to during this dreary winter season. We had such a fun day spending the whole day together (thank you Med Chem teacher for moving the test from the next Monday!!), and I wish we could do it every day! Thanks to everyone who came and ate our cake with us :)

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