09 July 2012


Last Monday, Owen and I went to Seven Peaks for the first time together. This summer, I've been kind of anti-Seven Peaks because I figured that 99% of the Provo population bought the Pass of all Passes and that the park would be super busy anytime we wanted to go. But for the 4th of July week, instead of sponsoring Stadium of Fire again, Qualtrics decided to rent out all of Seven Peaks for the night! I can't even imagine how much it must have cost...we got to do everything for free -- free parking, free mats & tubes, free food. It was basically the best way to go to Seven Peaks ever. And since it was just Qualtrics there, we didn't have to wait in any lines! We got to ride all of the slides that I dared to try, and then when Megan and I left for the Bachelorette, Tim & Owen did all of the ones I didn't dare to try! They even let us go face first with a mat on those slides where you normally just ride feet first with nothing...it was so fast and scary! But we had an absolute blast and I think I've filled my Seven Peaks quota for the next four years :) Thanks to Tim & Megan for taking pictures the whole time - if you want to see some crazy videos of some of the slides, check out this post on their blog!