30 March 2012

Literature Find

I know this was a while ago, but for Devynne's birthday, I wanted to take her somewhere fun in Salt Lake. And if you know Devynne, fun = books. While we were dining at Eva a few weeks ago, I noticed a rare and used books shop. Perfect!

Or so I thought...

We drove up there, only to find out that the specific rare bookstore that we had remembered actually was under construction and wasn't open! I was so mad! But fortunately I am kind of dumb with directions, so I actually had looked up directions for another rare books store in Salt Lake, a couple blocks up from where we already were. How lucky!

We walked up to Ken Sanders Rare Books, and decided to look around for a little while. They had a fantastic collection! They had a children's book that Devynne had been searching for, so many books with really low prices, and a huge collection of the prettiest leather bound books you've ever seen. Seriously. It made me want to go right then and there to buy a new fancy house with a library in it, just so I could buy those books and stare at them all day. But who has that kind of money? There were some classics (including the three from The Music Man -- Chaucer, Rabelais, and Balzac!) and some fun ones, including ones about gastric anatomy and rare diseases which looked fun to me of course.

Here was our final purchase:

Yeah, Owen was kind of going crazy in the science fiction section...

And that book on the bottom -- that is ALL of the Chronicles of Narnia books, and the cashier decided to give it to us half-price because she forgot to ring it up right away, so it was only $5!! The whole purchase was around $26 -- that's like four dollars a book! Not to mention the bottom book actually contains 7 books. What a great deal! 

You should definitely check this place out. 


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