09 January 2012

Portland Air Tram

For Quinn's birthday, we took him down to Portland to ride the aerial tram at OHSU. Yes it's commonly used for patients or med students going between OHSU and the hospital at the waterfront, but you can ride it for fun too! It's like a mini Disneyland right in our neighborhood (kind of)! We were a little sad that it was raining instead of sunny and beautiful, but hey, it's December in the PNW, so what were we expecting? 

Ooooh freeways! How fun!

At the top w/ the birthday boy -- he's so old!!!!!!!

The air tram returns! 

I hope those people didn't think I was too creepy...

I call this "Portland through the Rain" You can see the city...through the rain. Oh yeah. 

And don't worry, he got a birthday cake too -- except Quinn doesn't like cake so Devynne made him a pretty sweet ice cream cake with a blonde brownie base that was a little hard to cut but SUPER delicious! She makes the best homemade hot fudge! And no, Quinn wasn't turning 2, he's turning 11 so we were being frugal...

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