10 January 2012


After a busy and rigorous day of shopping at Washington Square mall over Christmas break, our family decided that we deserve some delicious sustenance. We had heard rave reviews about this little Asian food place in Portland called Pok Pok (the goal of the restaurant is to serve food similar to that you would find from street vendors in various Asian countries), and a close friend even claimed that they had "the best wings of all time." Since you all know about my obsession with hot wings, we obviously had to go there. It took us a little longer than expected to find the hole-in-the-wall place (here a tip for anyone visiting Portland: Always plan an extra hour to get lost in this city of crazy roads!) and our transit involved driving slowly by buildings and trying to pick up free wi-fi so we could look at a map on Owen's iPad...yeah...Anyway, we eventually found it, and I'd say those wings were pretty much worth it!

Devynne's Muh Sateh: pork loin skewers -- they were served with toast!

Owen got the roasted game hen special...definitely something new!

Mom's shredded pork (can't find the name of it...) which was pretty good. They were out of the baby back ribs! Sad :(

And The Wings. I was a little surprised at the price because it seemed kind of pricy for six wings, but they mean the whole wing. So really it was a great deal and they were pretty delicious! I don't know if they deserve the title of best ever yet, but they're definitely in the top 5. I ordered spicy and Quinn got the regular -- I couldn't really tell the difference and like spicy food a lot, so I'd probably go with the spicy again! Definitely recommend it -- but print out a map before you go! Mostly I just like the restaurant's name...and all kinds of delicious wings :)

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  1. Your pictures turned out really well. The wings were pretty good.