09 November 2011

A Question

So, now that Halloween is over, we all know that it is Christmas shopping time! I've been working on putting together some gift idea lists and shopping around (mostly the internetz). But there are some people on my gift list who are just super hard to shop for. Have you ever had someone like that? I feel like I'm easy to shop for -- I love lots of things! Anything Disney, orange, or Psych or clothes related, and you're doing pretty good. But I hate trying to guess for someone who is hard to shop for, and then getting something they will never use.

So here's my question -- what do you think of asking someone if they would like a gift? I think I have a great gift idea for someone, but I don't want to spend money on it and give it to them if they are just going to not use it or think it is a terrible idea. Is it lame to ask them and then ruin the surprise? Or is it better to know ahead of time so you can think of something else to get them?

My opinion? If someone is going to get something big for me (and since I'm poor, big means like more than $40), I would totally want them to check with me first if they were unsure. Of course I would prefer them to pick up on my not-so-subtle hints, but you can't always get what you want. It's so much less awkward than accepting a gift you don't really like and then having to return it and avoid the subject in the future. And for the surprise factor, I'm greedy -- they can get me something big that's not a surprise, and then a small thing that is a surprise :)

What do you think?



  1. Service is always a great gift. Or an experience versus a thing. I only like to give "things" if I know they really want it or would like it. Otherwise it's too risky. Surprises are overrated--it's all about anticipation anyway!

  2. And your picture isn't working!

  3. That's weird :/ It appears on my computer...It's nothing too special anyway, so don't worry :) And I agree, I like experiences as gifts AND anticipation!!

  4. Big gifts are hard as a surprise, unless you are close enough to a person that you are 100% sure they want it. Maybe if I found something on-sale for a super deal, I'd risk it more. Otherwise, I'd stick with something smaller, or experiential or something you use up (like good chocolate!). Surprises are nice, but there's a lot of room for hurt feelings with a big gift. And the picture worked for me, even through my reader. -ATR