19 October 2011

Hermione Fan

Every Wednesday, I try to distract myself with pretty and happy things during the day in a futile attempt to distract myself from the impending torturous Choral Conducting class I have at 5. And since today it my midterm for this devilish class, I already have a cupcake trip and Percy Jackson book reading planned for this evening, and I've been spending an extra amount of time browsing the web with wanderlust and sincere desire to be anywhere besides Provo, Utah right now. I've been particularly interested in moving to England, like right now, and along with my British obsession is an obsession for the lovely Miss Emma Watson. Dang, that girl can pull off any look! I'm usually not too obsessed with celebrities (aside from Blair Waldorf of course), but I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of this girl!

And I especially love her official website, www.emmawatson.com, where she posted this adorable picture of her first day of school at Oxford this year -- too cute! 

I'm totally excited for her upcoming movies, My Week with Marilyn and The Perks of Being a Wallflower -- I can't wait to see her in a non Harry Potter role (though we all know how much I love Harry Potter...) 

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