31 October 2011

A Few Halloween Thoughts

I gotta admit it, I'm totally not dressing up today for Halloween. I know, I know, killjoy. But after doing my hair and makeup like that two nights in a row plus catching ANOTHER nasty yucky cold this weekend, I've decided that I'll be quite content with just handing out candy tonight in my princess Belle shirt and calling it good. At least we have sweet decorations.

That's right. Not bad for our first year of decor, eh? All I have to say is that I'm glad that we were able to make it through all of our Halloween weekend events without losing a single dish or costume part -- a record for us! We did win the "Spiciest Chili" award at our Ward Chili Cook-Off, though Owen and I didn't really think it was that spicy and we're convinced that we weren't picked for the Best Overall since I was on the judging committee and it wouldn't be fair. At least the one that did win this year was actually quite good, not soup like last year (weird). We also shockingly didn't win the best costume award, but it's probably because we won a chili award. Man, are we cocky or what? Someday we will win all the awards and we will finally be satisfied. Bwahahahaha.

I am just happy this holiday is finally here because Owen's rule is: No Christmas music until after Halloween. And guess what? TOMORROW = CHRISTMAS MUSIC! YAY!!!!!!!!!

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