03 October 2011

Fall ... Finally!

Now that we have weather this week that dips below 80 degrees, I feel like I can finally say that it is fall! Yay for autumn! Here are some of my favorite looks/styles for fall that I thought I would share with your all :)

1. Sweater long socks to wear under boots! (via Pinterest)
2. Pleated skirts that are actually long (via Modcloth)
3. Tribal print tops -- if only I could find one Owen doesn't laugh at when I try it on.... (via Modcloth)
4. Chunky sweater. And burnt orange? Even better (via Banana Republic)
5. Chevron everything (via Target)
6. Red coats! Trench coats! Coats coats coats! (via Target)
7. Hunter boots. I thinks this may be my new favorite color of them too... (via Zappos)
8. Polka dots! This is a little spring-y of course, but I just thought it was so cute (via Modcloth)
9. Army green nail polish (via Chanel)

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday and have some extra time to spare to do some online shopping!

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