05 October 2011

BYU's Own

Have you guys heard of The Sing-Off on NBC? Well if you are a BYU student and you haven't -- shame! Our very own Vocal Point is performing on this singing competition show, and they are doing great! I have loved all of their performances so far this season (as have the judges), including the Justin Bieber song that they did, which was hilarious.

Here is a video of one of their songs from Monday night. I wish it was a type of show where you could vote for you favorite groups so I could vote a million times for them, but alas, the fate of our wonderful Vocal Point boys is in the hands of the judges. Who, by the way, totally rock. This is definitely my favorite group of judges from any show! Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, and Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men). They are a great balance, super musically talented, and fun. Though I think they could give some harsher comments to some groups, sometimes they are just a little too nice. Anyway. Check it out!


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