23 September 2011

A Sign

Sorry it's been only about a thousand years since I've posted but it turns out that this school thing somehow takes up a ton of time. Not sure how I forgot about that but these days there is very little that I do besides studying altered cell biology, choral conducting, or pretending to sing. Anyway, I know it is like wayyyyy after the fact, but Owen and I went to That Game last weekend.

This was probably our favorite part -- if you can't tell because that guy's dumb head was in the way of all of my pictures, this is a gigantic flag that the army guys unrolled out on the field while the national anthem was playing. It was sweet! And huge! And they didn't let it touch the ground once! Very impressive.

At this point in the game, we were a little discouraged, but there was still some hope and cheering. Go Cougars!

At this point in the game, we were wondering if we really should have bought a sports pass this season or saved the money to go to Bali or something instead.

And at this point in the game we were languishing in our seats, eyes wet and hearts broken.

I've decided to interpret this event as a sign that I should apply to the University of Utah for pharmacy school.