01 September 2011

Back to the Grind

And, we're back in the game. Back to school. Back to clubs. Back to meetings every night. Back to ridiculous amounts of reading. Back to sucking up to teachers and forming study groups. Back to BYU.

It's stressful already, but good. I can tell this semester is not going to be a piece of cake, but since it's my second to last semester at BYU, I am going to try to enjoy it as much as I can! This semester, my goal is to seize all of the unique opportunities that BYU has and to try as many new things as possible. As I learned from the Bachelorette this past season, I'm going to try to live with NO REGRETS....hahah

I'm loving my Greek & Roman Mythology class, which I am taking with Devynne (the super pro at that stuff!) It is so fun to take this class which is completely unrelated to anything I am studying. Lots of people complain about GEs, but I think they have been some of the most wonderful classes I've taken here!

I'm continuing to do gamelan, and am trying to work on learning some of the harder instruments. In addition to playing in the gamelan, in order to get my music minor, I am taking choral conducting and voice lessons. Conducting is WAY more complicated than I thought it would be, and I learned I've been leading music incorrectly my whole life! But it is really fun, my teacher is weirdly entertaining (and a chemistry professor!), and I think I will learn a lot! I haven't had any voice lessons yet, but I think I can sense a theme this semester -- getting outside my comfort zone!

Speaking of comfort zone, I'm thinking about adding a contemporary dance class. Well, I actually added it last night, but the class is only MW, so I'm still not sure if I am going to keep it. I danced all growing up until we moved when I was a pre-teen, but dropped it when I started playing other sports and haven't really done anything with it since. But when I was studying in the RB outside the dance studio, I just got this strange urge to...dance! Maybe I am crazy. I can't decide.

Other classes are good too...all science-y of course. Pathophysiology is a pain because its 4 credits and lots of work, pharmacology IS SUPER COOL which is good news if I think I want to go into pharmacy, and my advanced molecular biology lab is...lab-y. I don't know. Everyone else in that class is a MMBIO major so they all already work in a molecular bio lab and know everything but that's okay. I totally isolated my genomic DNA from my saliva today -- cool!

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  1. As busy and crazy as school can be - you're making me want to go back to school just to take some fun classes.