29 July 2011

Day 7 - High Angle

So for today's photo challenge, I decided to leave my house (a very big step) and venture out to BYU campus, where there are lots of high and low things. 

Turns out the actually close off most of the awesome places that would be great for taking sweet high angle shots (i.e. on top of the SWKT) but that didn't stop me from trying anyway.

I used to stare at this alllllll the time while trying to grasp my physics assignments

And since the SWKT is the tallest building on campus, I decided to go to the very top of it (they locked the doors to the roof sadly). This is what thirteen floors of stairs looks like from the top. Looooong way down...

Of course, I took the elevator.

Happy Friday! I got a sweet one-on-two gamelan session today with some guy from Korea which was pretty fun. Now that the PCAT is over, I'm maybe sort of looking forward to school starting again? Can't decide. 


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