28 June 2011

Seaside in Photos

Our trip to Seaside was wonderful. And since I am totally into my new camera, I will shower you with an overload of photos to document our trip rather than words. Be prepared for way more pictures than anyone should ever have to see, plus a few captions :)

Went to a Christmas shop in Cannon Beach, thought this was too cute!

we tried to pick hats that matched our personalities

10-year-old boys do not know how to smile yet

apparently that whale is like the coolest monument in cannon beach

da girls

owen is good at jumping


action shot of the stick battle when owen broke quinn's sword in half

chilling on a log

our lovely home for the weekend

my two supermen

owen feeding quinn to the shark

and then saving me instead

sibs posing

most intense bumper cars. my neck is still recovering from the whiplash

yeah that little speck is owen in the ocean

owen teaching quinn how to build a fire. man stuff

me preparing to eat the giant marshmallow

sun setting on the beach

they had a GAMELAN song for the dance dance revolution! it was awesome!

riding some beach bikes

quinn with the nw tin man

and some tillamook ice cream to finish off the trip

I hope you survived all that...and are excited to see some pictures from our trip up to Seattle! (fewer, I promise)

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