15 May 2011


Sometimes when I flip through a magazine in line at the grocery store or get distracted by the main Yahoo page, I seriously wonder, "How are some of these people famous?" With the rise of YouTube, reality TV shows, and Twitter, it seems like more and more people are celebrities every day and I don't even know where they come from or what they are famed for.

But one thing that I do enjoy is when I come to realize why certain names are famous. This has happened to me a couple times lately, and it's always just a nice surprise to think, "You know what? They deserve all of that credit." My two recent cases of fame discovery: Roger Ebert and Lauren Conrad


I've always heard of the two famed film critics, Ebert & Roper, but never really understood what the big hoopla about them was. However, Friday night as Owen was attempting to persuade me to see Thor with him, we stumbled across some of his reviews. I get it now. This man is HILARIOUS! We found his review of Battle: Los Angeles particularly hysterical. Here are some of my favorite lines from the passage:
"Here's a science-fiction film that's an insult to the words "science" and "fiction," and the hyphen in between them."
"The aliens are hilarious. Do they give Razzies for special effects? They seem to be animal/machine hybrids with automatic weapons growing from their arms, which must make it hard to change the baby." 
"You gotta see the alien battleships in this movie. They seem to have been assembled by the proverbial tornado blowing through a junkyard. They're aggressively ugly and cluttered, the product of a planet where design has not been discovered and even the Coke bottles must look like pincushions." 
"Young men: If you attend this crap with friends who admire it, tactfully inform them they are idiots. Young women: If your date likes this movie, tell him you've been thinking it over, and you think you should consider spending some time apart."
And the best part was, we did decide to go see Thor, and I decided afterwards that his review wasn't too far off! Accurate and entertaining--this guy is great. And thanks to him, I've decided that I definitely should give in to Owen's pleas to see Rango--who would have guessed?


Okay, I have never been one to watch the kind of shows that made this lady famous, but now that Laguna Beach is far behind her, I've decided that even though she is far too wealthy for what she has accomplished, at least the girlfriend has good style. I think she has tried to take herself more seriously and not just live off of her reality show fame, which I appreciate. Plus, I admit, I've gotten a little hooked on her website, thebeautydepartment.com. It is surprisingly helpful and I greatly enjoy the aesthetics of the site. I often find beauty websites too cluttered and too chatty, but this one has been better than I could have ever expected!

Other celebrity websites of note:  Gywneth Paltrow's GOOP.com and Rachel McAdam's GreenIsSexy.org

In any case, I hope you have enjoyed these enlightenments as much as I have. Happy Sunday!


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