05 April 2011

To Be or Not to Be

I love General Conference because it is like ordering something online.

First comes the excitement of just ordering the package, and then you get to anticipate it's arrival when you can enjoy your purchase.

I love getting to hear the word of our church leaders each April and October, and each conference always causes me to anxiously await the arrival of the Ensign with its printed copies of each talk that I can study and enjoy even more as I try to apply new lessons learned to my life.

Conference this past weekend was no exception. There were so many brilliant and inspired messages delivered, and I cannot wait to be able to go through and read them again and again.

This conference, I felt a sincere impression that I can and need to increase my serving capacity. Also, like every other woman in the church probably, I was greatly touched by Elder Scott's loving tribute to his late wife. I hope someday to be even slightly like his beloved Jeanene!

But I think my favorite message right now is the one from Elder Robbins. I love his question--"So many of us have to-do lists, but rarely have anything on a to-be list. Why?" His message of being rather than doing is something I am going to ponder for a while and see how I can improve in my life.

And thanks to modern technology, I don't have to wait until May to share this message with you through a video clip!


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