02 March 2011

the final chapter

sweater: thrifted, top: target, necklace: target, belt: f21, jeans: kohls, boots: target
I DID IT!!!!

Yes. That is right. I have completed the 30 for 30 challenge!!!

Dear other clothes in my closet, 
I cannot wait to see you again tomorrow. What a sweet reunion it shall be. 
Love and kisses,
My least favorite part of these pictures is also my favorite part--I know I know, there is like a ton of light on my face, but I am SO excited that it was that sunny and warm and awesome at 9 am today! I am glad that this 30 for 30 challenge was a lovely distraction from the dreariness of February, and now spring is practically here!

Also, remember that histology class that I hate a lot a lot a lot?

Guess who got the highest midterm score in the class.

Oh yeah. I'm just that lucky (not smart)


  1. Yayayayay! Congratulations on both 30 for 30 and your midterm, that's fantastic! I have those boots in both brown and black and they are amazing. & I love your necklace! Target is truly the best.

  2. Congrats on being done with the challenge! Super cute outfit btw.

  3. Beautiful outfit choice! I have enjoyed following these and seeing how well you mixed and matched! You're so creative!

  4. Thank you all so much! And yes, I totally agree Target is the best :)