16 January 2011

We Take Our Job Seriously-Provo Pizza #2

Provo Pizza 2: Domino's Pizza
Located on Bulldog Avenue about five seconds from our house...and we still almost went with the delivery option....But we didn't!
Overall Rating: 3.987/5

So it is possible that we had pizza for lunch the day after going to Malawi's. But I had a coupon for Domino's Pizza with UNLIMITED toppings (yes, really unlimited!) that expired today on Sunday so it's not like we could have a one-day waiting period. I'm a sucker for unlimited toppings it appears. How rarely in life do we get an option for something being unlimited without it costing a whole bunch? Not that often I tell you.

wait until you see what is inside...
And so on this pizza, I ordered (Owen was working on his CS project and let me order the pizza...that silly man) pepperoni, italian sausage, black olives, pineapple, onions, ham, chicken, spinach, feta, and tomatoes. Basically every topping they offer except mushrooms and peppers (gross) and beef. And it was DELICIOUS! Man, unlimited toppings are the way to go! 

very colorful pizza!
We have decided that Domino's Pizza is probably the second best take-out pizza in Utah County. Papa John's has been a long-standing favorite in this household, and I always used to think that Domino's was kind of crappy, but they re-"formulated" their crust and sauce, and now I love it! Their crust is probably my favorite crust ever--it's totally garlicky and crispy and just the right thickness. They could have improved cheese and more toppings of course, but they have definitely gained more points in my book in the past couple of months.
it was National Hat Day (Jan 15th)
In case you are wondering, here is our ranked list of take-out pizza in the greater Provo/Orem area:

1. Papa John's--always fresh, super stellar crust, and our all-around favorite
2. Domino's Pizza--new improvements have definitely made a difference!!!
3. Pizza Hut--pretty good, and usually tastes pretty good. Their basic pepperoni is probably the best
4. Papa Murphy's--I would rank this higher, but Owen worked there during high school so he has really negative feelings towards this place. Their pizza is good, but it is kinda lame how you have to cook it yourself. Might as well get a frozen pizza.
5. Little Caesar's--Not as bad as its reputation. They have a more simple flavor, but can definitely hit the spot.
6. Blackjack Pizza--Pretty gross, but I sort of like their barbecue chicken flavor, and they are the only cheap-o place with barbecue chicken I believe.
7. 5 Buck Pizza--Really disgusting. Please do not buy pizza here. 

Today I am grateful for the tiny bit of rain we had so I could use my new and awesome umbrella for the fifteen seconds it took to walk to our car from church...now please give me a real rainstorm!!!



  1. okkkay, love your blog! how fun! YUM!

  2. typo
    "it's" should be "its"

    Did you actually pay money for that hat?

  3. Devynne, we are so glad that you are here for critique on both grammar and style :)