20 January 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Not like it is any huge secret, but my #1 blog crush right now is The Daybook, and this week seems appropriate to jump on the Awkward and Awesome Thursday bandwagon.

- The super Ugly smiley face that I drew on my student's lab report because he wrote that anthrax looks "more like a chain of tootsie rolls" under the microscope.
- Eating way more beignets than than is socially acceptable at our 7:15 am (yeah it was torture) work meeting yesterday. And then dropping the last two right in front of my boss so they got powdered sugar everywhere.
- Having everyone say "Your head looks warm" yesterday as I wore my new fur hat. And then having to explain how weather.com said that it was supposed to only be 17 degrees and snowing that day.
- Carrying around my not very inconspicuous umbrella all day yesterday for the same reason. Why can't I just have Washington rain please so I don't look like a humongous fool for wanting to use my new awesome umbrella?
- Also, aforementioned boss saying that I had a very "lumberjack look" Sheesh people, don't you know that fur is IN right now??
- Having the kid who got in a major boating accident three months ago totally kick my trash in the lap pool.
- Being too much of a wimp to order clothes online! Is it really that hard?
- Husband fixing my chain necklace and then proceeding to wear it around the house for the rest of the evening...Okay it's actually hilarious

- Surprise breakfast-in-bed from my husband on our day off on Monday--love that guy, and especially how I magically didn't even wake up while he was making it!
- My new gel eyeliner that actually stays on during the day! What a concept!
- Singing along to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" while grading papers. Hmm maybe that should go in the first category...
- Eating blueberries instead of gummi bears as a snack during homework!
- Owen getting to promote Qualtrics today in his Computers & Society class--the man is a walking advertisement and it's awesome
- Learning how to perform a kecak today in my gamelan class. I am totally going to film it and force all of you to watch is because it is hilarious and awesome!

Today I am grateful for coming up with best birthday gift ever for Owen and for the fact that Amazon carries practically everything you could ever want to buy!


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