07 October 2010

Thankful Thursday: Take 1

 As aforementioned, I will be taking the time (hopefully/mostly) every Thursday to express something I am thankful for, as inspired by President Monson's message this past General Conference. So this Thursday, I am thankful for...


After yesterday's perfect fall weather, and every other beautiful autumn thing that has been surrounding me lately, it would be unfair to not give fall the credit it deserves. I love the perfect weather, just right for a light jacket and sometimes boots or a cute umbrella.

 I love the smells that are associated with fall, the smell of spices and cloves and everything warm and delicious. I admit that I fell into the Utah trend and bought one of those wax-warming candle substitute things (don't worry, I got it for a good price)...and though I do feel a little cliche, I am very much enjoying the smell of hot wassail in my home right now!

I love fall baking, and everything that uses PUMPKIN! Pumpkin brownies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cake, pumpkin honey butter (totally trying that recipe next) and oh so much more. Last night I made my first attempt at a pumpkin roll--I've always loved pumpkin rolls but thought they were way too hard to make. It didn't turn out perfect, but I'm pretty proud of it seeing as it was only my first try. Here's the recipe I used, if you want to give it a try!
Okay this one looks a tad prettier than mine turned out...

Fall means the start of school (though I am totally over that excitement...), Halloween decorations, the changing colors of the leaves (one benefit to being in Utah), dropping off treats and "boo"ing people, and warm mugs of hot chocolate or apple cider. What it basically comes down to is I love this season!

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