09 September 2010

We're Going to Disneyland!

Okay, not only did we have the best wedding ever, but we also had the BEST HONEYMOON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Disneyland was definitely the way to go for us!

Also, since I skimped out with wedding photos and talked WAY too much on the last post, I'm going to make up for it with an overload of pictures and a lack of words here!

We stayed at the Camas Hotel on the evening of our wedding-definitely an awesome choice, we loved the quaint details and the people running the hotel were sooo nice.

The next morning, we hit the road! Owen was SOOO excited for the 16 hour drive ahead :)

Thank goodness for Percy Jackson on tape and for Red Vines. I'm pretty sure that's what saved our sanity.

Beautiful lake--if we weren't in such a hurry to get to DISNEYLAND we might have gone for a swim...

We were singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs by this point.

Next day: FINALLY at the park! YESSS!

First stop, Adventureland!

I touched it..

It is surprising how uncomfortable these hats are...

Meeting Mater and Lightning McQueen

Goofy in an awesome aviator suit

The big-eared man himself! We hardly had to wait in a line at all to meet any of the Disney characters--we were so lucky!

Owen's first time on California Screamin' haha

We got trapped in the Toy Story box

it's tough to be a bug

Pluto is awesome!

I totally would go see a movie called "Beauty and the Bees" :)

Lookin' classy on Paradise Pier

The beginning of my long series of photos from the World of Color show--it was AWESOME! Sort of like Fantasmic, but way cooler! And thus I had many pictures:

The next day was our Magic Morning. We were pretty pumped to be there at 6:45 in the morning...

We were RIGHT behind the family they picked to open the park...so close!

Hello Disneyland's Main Street! We had the street all to ourselves because we maybe sort of sprinted through the entrance gates...

The Matterhorn--got to ride it twice in a row!

Owen was SUPER good at the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters--he got all the way to Level 6!

This is probably more fun if you can't drive an actual car...

Don't even remember how many times we rode this one...

I felt kind of creepy taking pictures of other people's kids, but the Jedi Training was just too cute!

We splurged for dinner at the Blue Bayou :)

The water server guy was the best!

Do take notice of the awesome pins

Best. Gumbo. Ever.

The whole reason we ate here: the famous Monte Cristo sandwich. We started eating it before we remembered to take a pictures--we couldn't help it! Soooo delicious.

The Classic Disneyland Photo #1

I love Beauty and the Beast

We're lucky we both have names that correspond with "California"!

Meeting my hero. Kind of weird now that I might be older than her...

We've decided that meeting the Disney princesses is much less awkward if you have children with you. Which we didn't...

Grizzy River Run!

Princess Tiana was awesome--such a cute Southern accent :)

This is Owen in 40 years

We also love Indiana Jones.

Part of the Fantasmic show aka Awesome

We loved the new 4D Toy Story ride! Totally worth the 40 minute wait--especially since it was the longest line we had to wait in the whole time we were there!

Meeting Jessie and a Green Army Dude

These ice cream cones seriously saved us this day

Coolest building of the whole park. One day we want our living room to look like the inside of the Animation Studio

We learned how to draw Winnie the Pooh!

This was the morning we totally lucked out with Disney characters--they were all over Main Street and there were no lines! It was awesome!

The Classic Disneyland Photo #2

We met the Evil Queen from Snow White--she was so scary! She also made fun of the fact that we were matching.

He almost got the sword out of the stone...

We couldn't avoid the classic ride

Meeting Cinderella

Best food to be found in all of California--Dole Pineapple Whips!

This is Joe, our friend from the Rainforest Cafe who accompanied our meal with random grunts and other jungle sounds

Had to take pictures of the food of course

My personal favorite ride--though I didn't enjoy it as much after a full stomach from the Rainforest Cafe!

Sadly we had to drive home :( This is passing through Las Vegas, which was much less eventful than I was expecting. Even St. George with the lovely red rock was more exciting.

All in all, it was more than I could ever ask for--going to Disneyland was definitely the perfect choice for us! It was so fun to get to spend that time together not having to worry about anyone except ourselves and getting to run around and relieve some of the stress that came from the wedding at the happiest place on earth. And we most definitely want to go again. Like tomorrow.


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