21 September 2010

Silly Bandz--Are they really silly?

I first heard about silly bandz while working at the Camas Pool. One of my teachers, Daniel, was wearing a weird shaped rubber band on his wrist, and like any normal person, I asked him, "What the heck is that?" He took it off his wrist, let its natural shape reform, and showed me that it was a gecko. He then went on to explain the concept-how they are a new trend and come in all sorts of shapes and people can buy them then trade them. I thought they were a little lame at first, but then he started telling me about the mythological set of silly bandz, and I started warming up to the idea a little more (come on, I'm a huge Percy Jackson fan). I saw a few more Silly Bandz fans show up over the summer, my friend Jaimee, some kids who were taking swim lessons, and didn't really think that much more of it.

Then we went on our honeymoon to Disneyland, and for me, one of the most fun part about Disneyland is SHOPPING! I love trying to find the perfect souvenir gifts for everyone and going around to all the different stores. I wasn't sure what to get for Lyvia, but then I saw these:
I figured that she was just about the right age (14, in middle school) for this pretty cool new trend, but I couldn't decide which set to get for her. The Disney princesses are of course awesome, but the Mickey Mouse set has all the classics. So I bought both and decided that I would give her half of each container and keep the other half for myself! I gave some to each of my little cousins who were visiting, and then brought the rest with me here to BYU.

To my surprise, I saw 5 people on the first day of school wearing silly bandz! I was so excited! Though not as popular as they are in elementary schools on the east coast, silly bandz are definitely becoming a hot commodity for students on BYU campus. Even celebrities are getting into the trend!
Owen thinks that they are pretty ridiculous, but I have convinced him to wear them every now and then (even to our open house!) I'm thinking that I should get the Marvel comics set of Silly Bandz--there's no way he'd be able to resist them then! Though they might be a silly little trend for now, I think they are a fun conversation starter and a cute way to display some of your favorite hobbies or interests--I'm wearing Snow White and Pluto right now!

This kid thinks Silly Bandz are awesome.


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