03 July 2010

Bored at the Fireworks Stand

So I am at the fireworks stand right now and the luckiest thing happened-we discovered that some building nearby has wifi! Woohoo! Now at least I won't be COMPLETLY bored out of my mind...maybe...

Anyway, it's almost July 13th! Yes! I am so excited to see Owen-phone calls after 9 just aren't doing the same.

I realized that it is very tricky to type on this iPod thing. Sorry if this post is very brief! It's already taken me 15 minutes to write these few lines.

So there is a new girl working at the fireworks stand this year named Braman and she does something that I thought was pretty neat. Whenever she meets a new person, like on a plane flight, in a class, or working at a fireworks stand, she has them write something about themselves in their journal. Sometimes she get their contact information too, and then she has a collection of all of these different life stories. She asked me to write in it, so I wrote about how Owen and I met and how I am so lucky to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She said she had just started a new book or else I probably would have sat there and read the whole thing. I think I should start something like that. Who knows what I might learn?

Alright, my thumbs are getting a little tired of this-I don't think that I could ever be a heavy texter...


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