29 June 2010

The Pool, The Plans, The Patience

Well its definitely been a crazy week for both Owen and I! Besides the natural trauma of having to only communicate with Owen via telephone or video chat, it has been an insane week at the Camas Pool. And its only Tuesday!

(Warning: this next part is a rant. Feel free to skip past it...)

Yesterday was my first day as Lead WSI, and pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong. It was awesome. When I got there, I tested the water to see how much chlorine was in it, and there was none. Apparently the pump had gotten an air bubble in it over the weekend and it did not pump ANY chlorine it all weekend. I had to figure out how to fix the pump and get the water up to a legal level. Then I had like 6 lap swimmers at 6:30 in the morning, which is really rare because usually we have like one lap swimmer a week, so I had to find the key for the cash box and figure out how to do the register and I asked a guy who apparently was 85 if he was a senior citizen. Oops. Then I had 3 people want to sign up for private lessons for that day which is kind of impossible because I have to call in teachers, but somehow we got that all figured out. I tried to ask the assistant manager how to shock the pool (which I would have to do if someone pooped in the pool or something) and he said, "Oh I don't know, you just dump a couple of scoops of that powdered chlorine in there and make everyone get out." Helpful. We had 3 crying kids even though the weather was super nice, and they were all in classes with just one kid AND the parent was there watching. I already have bad tan lines, and I'm only getting tan on my back, not my front. And there were bugs in the pool. And this was all only by 8 o clock. AHHHHH!!!!

Fortunately today was a lot better, or else I might have quit tomorrow. I think I'll make it after all. I also started selling at the fireworks stand yesterday, and I made a grand total of 3 sales. During 5 hours. Awesome. Hopefully it gets busier soon...

The wedding preparation is going pretty well so far I think. The "diet" has been going well--well, until I had a strawberry milkshake from burgerville and made chocolate chip cookies today...I finished addressing most of the invitations, which was a lovely task. We also finished printing all of them and assembling them. We just need our stamps to get here now! We still need a place to live for next year, and need to figure out how we are going to make the most awesome Disneyland experience ever, but I feel pretty good about how we're doing so far.

I miss Owen a LOT! Its only two weeks until I get to see him again, and those two weeks are going to take forever! I'm so pathetic about it. I always am listening to my stupid "love songs" pandora radio station (gosh darn you Celine Dion and Whitney Houston!), I try to chat with Owen while he's always at work, and every single little thing reminds me of him and how much I miss him. For example, right now I am making turkey burgers for dinner, and I miss how he always complains about how turkey is so inferior to beef or whatever (p.s. sorry babe, but turkey burgers are way healthier!)

But the good news is that in two weeks I will see him again and get endowed, and then in a little over a month, WEDDING! Oh yeah!

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  1. Crazy week but hang in there. You will be married and living it up at Disneyland before you know it. Oh and I feel your pain with the diet as I am desperately trying to lose the last of the baby weight so that I'm not forever immortalized with a postpartum body in your wedding photos. But really Chelsy, you look great. What's with the diet?