03 June 2010

Welcome World of Blogger!

Hi All, Owen Here!
I just wanted the whole world to know that I (OWEN not CHELSEY) was the FIRST one to make a blog post. Just make sure we get that right for the record.

Well, this semester at school has been pretty crazy for Chelsey and pretty relaxing for me. Chelsey is taking a ton of credits at school, like 20 credits or something for spring term. She is working full time at the math department, and still manages to plan our whole wedding by herself.

I pretty much am doing nothing right now. Just working and taking one boring class.

Anyway we took some pretty awesome engagement pictures. You should check them out. We had Brooke, a really good friend, take them for us, and Chelsey sat and edited them for hours on end because she is awesome.

Well, this post is getting pretty long so I'm just going to conclude by saying "Do you know any patriots? I do."

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